Episode 23 – Gus Ceballos (kinda)

Episode 22 – Matt Robinson

Hey E’rybody!

Welcome to Episode 22 with Matt Robinson! Matt is a horse racing handicapper from Orlando, FL. He and James share a passion for Picking Ponies, which brought them together online.

Episode 21 – James Reitano

Quiet down and plant yourself at your desk. School is is session with our buddy James Reitano!

Learn more about Reitano and his Comic “1985”

An audio interlude from The Cramps

Whodini: The Haunted House of Rock

The Blasters: I’m Shakin’

Stray Cat Strut Live

Crazy spray paint artist

Fun Comparisons with Kevin

Hey E’rybody! Our recording session tonight got cancelled, so I’ve been finding ways to keep myself occupied. I’ve been listening to episode 20 and got to the part where I talked about Bruno Mars’ performance at the Kennedy Center Honors. It occurred to me that many people who saw that show probably don’t understand what the tribute was for. So I found a couple of live recordings of The Police in concert back in like ’79-’80. I’ll post them first. Keep in mind this was 3 guys using analog technology. No post-production filters. No AutoTune. Just sweat and callouses and talent. No disrespect to Bruno. He kills it, and I’ll post his performance at the bottom. This post is to help explain WHY his performance matters. In my mind.

So Lonely; live, 1979
Message in a Bottle; Live in Hamburg, 1980

Bruno at the Kennedy Center Honors

Episode 20 – Mud Run Follow-Up!

Wow. What an amazing experience it was for us to partner with the Durty Gurlz for the Mud Run this year.

I’ll leave the tear-jerking to the episode, but in the meantime – here are some links:

BigCatDerek on Vine: https://vine.co/u/953659165392379904

CARE Texas – http://carerescuetexas.com/

D’Art’s CB Journal: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/dartagnanschleeter/journal

Reitano 1985: http://nineteen85.com/1985_BIO.html

Dan Van Kirk as Mark Wahlberg on “Set List” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdoQ5XwLxb4

Bill Burr and Brain Regan on the MMP: http://www.billburr.com/image/monday-morning-podcast-9-14-15

“Embarrased” Eagles Fan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=7&v=vWsK3XqoHVA

New England “Baby Whale” guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0IQCLQDfKw

SoCal Pitted: https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=ddc&hsimp=yhs-ddc_bd&type=bl-bcr-is-rhb-37__alt__ddc_dss_bd_com&p=so+cal+surfer+interview+pitted

We LOVE you! Don’t forget to spread the word about School of Talk!

Episode 19 – Annie DiMattia (pt 2)


16 straight hours of editing.

2 episodes in one day.

Need a shower and some sleep.

I’ll be back to finalize this post with notes and links.

In the meantime – don’t forget to donate to the Durty Gurlz! There is only a week left before the run!

We love you!

– Kev

Episode 18 – Recess #1

Hey E’rybody!

I’m under the gun to get Episode 19 finished and published, so I don’t have time at the moment to write a full description with notes/links. Rest assured I will return and add that stuff ASAP. In the meantime, enjoy this “Recess” episode! That’s what we’re now calling the episodes that are just the 3 of us.

Hope you like it!

– Kev

Watch us record LIVE on Periscope tonight 9/5/15 at 10 PM Pacific

Hey E’rybody!

We’re recording Episode 18 tonight! It will be a “Recess” Episode; meaning its just the 3 of us in studio. Just like it was at the beginning. Don’t worry, we’ve got some fantastic guests lined up in the near future. Sometimes its fun to get back to our roots. We haven’t done one just the 3 of us in a while, so it should be fun! To Tweet at us or watch us on Periscope, our handles on both platforms are the same.

James is: @flagusco
Kevin is: @_kevinreilly

The Sniper is still not on Twitter.

Limited Edition Commemorative T-Shirts… don’t snooze on this one!

In celebration of our partnership with the Durty Gurlz Mudders and D’Art’s Warriors teams from Delaware, we’re excited to announce our new T-Shirt design. The front combines our classic logo with the Durty Gurlz mud splatter. On the back it reads “We love Durty Gurlz Mudders” with their full logo, including the mud flap girl.

For anyone new to the party, we are in the final weeks of a campaign to encourage our listeners to join us in supporting these dedicated folks and their worthy cause. The Delaware Mud Run takes place on September 20, in Middletown, Delaware and all proceeds go toward Leukemia research in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.

To order your shirts now, click this link: Durty Gurl Store. 10% of all proceeds go toward Leukemia Research.

Scroll down to learn more about our connection to the Durty Gurlz and/or have a listen to Episode 13 with the Captain of the DGs, Annie DiMattia.

We’re going to be recording another episode with Annie on 9/11 which will be posted by 9/13, exactly one week before the Run.

To donate now, click this link: Durty Gurlz/D’Art’s Warriors 2015

SoT-DG Promo Tee Front

SoT-DG Promo Tee Back

Get your School of Talk swag!

Hey e’rybody! Are you one of the listeners who have been asking about School of Talk promotional items? Well, its time to let your voice be heard! We’re currently looking into placing an order from a local print shop, so we need to know which items will be in highest demand.

The options are: T-Shirts, Trucker Caps, Beer Coozies and Stickers.

You will still be able to order our original T-Shirt from Annie’s online store, as always.

The items we’re looking to order for this run are give-aways to help you show your support for the show and spread the word. Just be prepared; there seems to be something about our name or logo that forces people to ask about it. Anyone with a School of Talk T-Shirt can attest to this.

Anyway… head over to our Facebook Page and find today’s post asking for merch input and leave a comment to tell us what you’re looking for.


– Kev